Down the Rabbithole: AAVE, Your Friendly Web3 Defi Ghost

👻 The name (AAVE) comes from the fact that ghosts are transparent — because all information and transactions in DeFi is transparent, available 24-7, for anyone to see at any time. Stani Kulechov founder AAVE AAVE is an open-source, community-governed non-custodial liquidity protocol for earning interest on deposits and borrowing assets. Since its Mainnet launchContinue reading “Down the Rabbithole: AAVE, Your Friendly Web3 Defi Ghost”

Prediction Markets of Web3: Bets to Compete or Collaborate?

Prediction markets have been around since long before the internet was even invented. Today, they have a myriad of uses beyond predicting the weather and winning bets. The prediction markets were a novel concept when they started, by now we’re very familiar with them. There are several areas of application, including entertainment (prediction sports games)Continue reading “Prediction Markets of Web3: Bets to Compete or Collaborate?”

Avatars of Web3

Avatars in Web3verse are digital art collectibles. Your digital avatar can be a representation of your identity in the digital world. So, where you’ve previously had physical avatars like the business cards you hand out to new friends, businesses, or LinkedIn profiles to represent you online – now you use your digital avatar. Did youContinue reading “Avatars of Web3”