Prediction Markets of Web3: Bets to Compete or Collaborate?

Prediction markets have been around since long before the internet was even invented. Today, they have a myriad of uses beyond predicting the weather and winning bets. The prediction markets were a novel concept when they started, by now we’re very familiar with them. There are several areas of application, including entertainment (prediction sports games)Continue reading “Prediction Markets of Web3: Bets to Compete or Collaborate?”

This week in Dapps: Ep.33

Zapper, BalancerLabs & Polygon, 0x & Brave, Aave, The Sandbox, 1st Indian actor’s NFT, Wall Street Games & Defi, Zerion raises $8.2 million, CoinMarketCap, LaunchPool & More. DeFi 💸 Zapper now supports BalancerLabs on Polygon. Read more 0x & Brave partnered to make crypto & DeFi more accessible to everyone. Read more Aave launches liquidity poolsContinue reading “This week in Dapps: Ep.33”

This week in Dapps: Ep.32

1inch & ICHI, Uniswap v3, Kyber & Firebird, Compound Labs Treasury, Twitter & NFTs, Source code $5.4 Million Auction, xDAO, Reef Finance, DYP Chainlink & Avalanche Integration, and more. DeFi 💸 1inch launched dollar-pegged Stable coin with ICHI. Read more Uniswap announced their v3 liquidity mining contracts deployment to Ethereum mainnet. Read more Gambit announced theirContinue reading “This week in Dapps: Ep.32”

Avatars of Web3

Avatars in Web3verse are digital art collectibles. Your digital avatar can be a representation of your identity in the digital world. So, where you’ve previously had physical avatars like the business cards you hand out to new friends, businesses, or LinkedIn profiles to represent you online – now you use your digital avatar. Did youContinue reading “Avatars of Web3”

This week in Dapps: Ep.31

Circle & DeFi, ApeSwap & Polygon, Kyber Network & The Graph, Hedera announce NFT-based football game, BGA Demo Day, Hot Wheels NFTs, Yield funding, El Salvador airdrop & more. DeFi 💸 Circle announced a new DeFi API, providing companies with a seamless, safe, secure and regulated infrastructure for accessing and building on DeFi lending markets. ReadContinue reading “This week in Dapps: Ep.31”

This week in Dapps: Ep.30

Kyber on Polygon, 1inch Network and Wootrade, Matcha, Sygnum Bank & DeFi, CNN NFTs, Fewocious NFT on Christie’s, YGG, BitDAO funding, Axie Infinity & more. DeFi 💸 Kyber to Launch on Polygon With $30M Rewards For Liquidity Providers. Read more 1inch Network and Wootrade give users top order execution in DeFi. Read more Matcha went liveContinue reading “This week in Dapps: Ep.30”