This week in Dapps Ep. 37

This week in Dapps

Abracadabra into Zapper, WEF on DeFi, USDC in Optimism, Dharma integrates Polygon, Krystal integrates DMM, NFTs over DeFi, YGG is changing games, & more 👀

DeFi 💸

  • Abracadabra is now integrated into Zapper. Read more

  • USDC now live on Optimism. Read more

  • Dharma integrates Polygon & onboarding users to access it in batches. Read more

  • Zerion integrates Optimism – now you can view all your balances on the Optimism chain. Read more

  • Uniswap has now generated more than $1B in fees for liquidity providers. Read More

  • 0xDAO awards grant of $20k to SudoSwap. Read more

  • Krystal integrates Kyber DMM. Read more

  • 1inch adjusts gas refund requirements after EIP 1559 upgrade. Read more

  • Volmex volatility tokens are now live on 1inch & integrated into Zapper.

Gaming, NFTs & Collectibles 🎮

  • Rarible introduces Rarible Protocol – Open source, Cross-chain, & Community Governed. Read more

  • How YGG is changing gaming? Read more

  • NFT Stack by Messari. Read more

  • NFTs Over DeFi: OpenSea Just Overtook Uniswap on Ethereum Usage. Learn More

  • Top strategies making NFTs more fungible so as to improve liquidity. Read More

  • Why the lower cap projects are bleeding significantly, few reasons why this might be happening. Read More

Ecosystem Updates ⚒️

  • What’s next for Decentralized Finance (DeFi) by World Economic Forum? Read More

  • Emerging Role’ of Ethereum and Decentralized Finance in Q2 2021 Says Genesis Report. Read More

  • Ethereum’s roadmap toward “Serenity”, or “ETH 2.0”, many more substantial upgrades to come. Read More

  • Chainlink launches data oracles on Arbitrum One’s Ethereum scaling solution. Read More

  • Ethereum supply flips briefly into deflation as gas fees spike. Read More

  • Coinbase’s Q2 profits top $1.6B as ETH volume surpasses BTC’s for the first time. Read More

  • Biconomy launches cross-chain transaction infrastructure for EVM chains. Read More

  • DAO Maker crowdfunding platform loses $7M in the latest DeFi exploit. Read More

  • Wormhole announces a generic cross-chain messaging protocol. Read More

  • How Decentraland & The Sandbox have embraced blockchain/NFTs to become industry leaders. Read More

The Dapp List Updates

Explore V2 is now live! – Read more

We’re integrating Covalent – Read More

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