This week in Dapps Ep. 36

This week in Dapps

Gelato, Swisscom & Chainlink, Square, Opyn, PartyDAO, Horizon Blockchain Games $4.5M fundraise, Polygon Studios, Burberry NFTs, EIP1559 goes live, Binance & more.

DeFi 💸

  • Gelato announces live G-UNI pools on Zerion as Decentralized Finance continues to surge. Read More

  • How traders on Ethereum can efficiently execute large orders with TWAMM? Read More

  • Telecoms giant Swisscom launches Chainlink node for Decentralized Finance data. Read More

  • GfarmV2 has deployed a unique hybrid oracle architecture on Polygon that combines Chainlink Price Feeds. Read More

  • Square to build new Bitcoin-Focused Decentralized Finance business. Read More

  • Decentralized finance economy continues to be built on Ethereum, a new report from ConsenSys. Read More

  • Opyn has surpassed 1 BILLION in cumulative notional trading volume. Read More

  • Parrot is partnering w/ Francium this partnership will help to setup a lending pool. Read more

Gaming, NFTs & Collectibles 🎮

  • A New NFT auction mechanism is now live by PartyDAO.Read More

  • Horizon Blockchain Games raises $4.5M for its NFT trading card game and wallet. Read More

  • Polygon has launched Polygon Studios to aid the development of blockchain gaming and NFTs. Read More

  • Flare Network Partners With Global Esports Federation. Read More

  • Fortune is dropping its latest cover as NFTs. Read More

  • NFT Sales Top $1.2 Billion In July. Read More

  • A Permissionless auction by ourzora named PUNK HOUSE has went live. Read More

  • Burberry Releases First NFTs. Read More

  • Axie Infinity is the first NFT game in the history of earth to cross $1B USD in sales. Read More

  • YGG Is Changing Gaming. Read More

Ecosystem Updates ⚒️

  • EIP1559 goes live and its comparison with the simulation done two month ago – Vitalik. Read More

  • Avatars, Gaming and Fashion in the Metaverse.Read More

  • Digital asset platform Zipmex partners with Visa in Asia-Pacific. Read more

  • What exactly EIP1559 means for Ethereum and MEW users. Read More

  • SEC charges Decentralized Finance lender and top executives for raising $30 Million through fraudulent offerings. Read more

  • Nakji Network raises $8.8 million in SAFT funding. Read More

  • CoinJar partners with Mastercard. Read More

  • Chainlink Keepers went live on Ethereum Mainnet. Read More

  • White House confirms support for minor changes to crypto tax proposal. Read More

  • Binance and Shopify via new partnership to bring Bitcoin payments. Read More

The Dapp List Updates

Our explore V2 is live. Read more

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About The Dapp List 🦉

A community-governed platform that strives for increasing adoption to the web3 ecosystem – bridging the gap between Web3 & Web2.

We are achieving this through our ecosystem of tools mentioned below.

  1. Explore – Dapp store governed by community where hunters & voters take the lead to zap out scams.

  2. BUIDL – Launchpad for devs to bring hackathon projects to life and BUIDL community.

  3. Invest – Bridging the gap between devs & Investor network. We are the connectors.

Curating the Web3 Adoption

We’re calling the crypto natives – the alphas, the pepes, the degens, the thinkers, the doers & the true web3 believers to come with us on this mission.

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