This week in Dapps: Ep.32

1inch & ICHI, Uniswap v3, Kyber & Firebird, Compound Labs Treasury, Twitter & NFTs, Source code $5.4 Million Auction, xDAO, Reef Finance, DYP Chainlink & Avalanche Integration, and more.

DeFi 💸

  • 1inch launched dollar-pegged Stable coin with ICHI. Read more

  • Uniswap announced their v3 liquidity mining contracts deployment to Ethereum mainnet. Read more

  • Gambit announced their integrated into 1inchNetwork bringing swaps with zero price impact to all 1inch users. Read more

  • Kyber Collaborates with Firebird Finance for ‘Rainmaker’ Liquidity Mining Launch on Polygon. Read more

  • Compound Labs launches ‘Treasury’ to get big firms reaping DeFi yields. Read more

Gaming, NFTs & Collectibles 🎮

  • Twitter Joins NFT Craze With ‘140 Collection’ of NFT’s drop on Rarible. Read more

  • The source code behind the World Wide Web has sold as an NFT at auction for $5.4 million. Read more

  • Poolz launches prediction game IDeuro for UEFA Euro 2021 by using synthetic tokens. Read more

  • Enjin’s NFT Marketplace Efinity Rakes In $20 Million From EFI Token Sale on CoinList. Read more

  • First Global Crypto art Exhibition in Shanghai and Simulacra. Read more

  • New legends launching MetaParty with Rezinator and other partners in Decentraland with a goal is to become the premiere events company in DCL. Read more

Ecosystem Updates ⚒️

  • DeFi Yield Protocol (DYP) continues to expand its ecosystem by adding Chainlink & Avalanche Integration. Read more

  • You can create your own DAO easily with xDAO – the Innovative DeFi Platform. Read more

  • Steer Finance joins the Sushi Incubator. Read more

  • NFT Marketplace backed by Mark Cuban Raises $13 Million in Series A. Read more

  • Reef Finance Integrating with 5X Margin to Bring leveraged trading to Reef Chain. Read more

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