This week in Dapps: Ep. 06

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  • Axie Infinity — Released an update on land development. 3 genesis plots are sold already amounting 11–15ETH / piece. Know more
  • Gods Unchained — shared updates on their Arena & overall development. Read more
  • BattleRacers — Duel Cup Open registration is still ongoing. Maker, Decentraland, and DCL Core sponsoring a total of US$4000 of prizes. Know more
  • Blocklords to launch its 2.0 version on the Matic Network — a scalability solution. Read more
  • Decentral Games — Players can now buy NFTs using DAI. Read more
  • Animoca Brand’s Crazy Defense Heroes launches NFT and Gem sale. Read more
  • Dark Country will now support EOS, Ethereum & Wax. Read more
  • Upland to use Tilia, letting players sell virtual items for real money while US compliant. Read more
  • Ember Sword dev Bright Star raises $700,000. Read more
  • The Six Dragons creator BlockPegnio integrates Chainlink Oracles for on-chain verified randomness in game interactions. Read more


  • CryptoKitties: Getting in the Flow. Read more
  • CryptoKaiju: Updates about Dogejira, Bombstars, Merch, Bitcoin Halving & App. Read more
  • Sorare moved from Loom to Ethereum. Read more
  • Sorare welcomes the football legend — Diego Maradona & Gimnasia to their Fantasy Football Game! View here

VR Metaversed

  • The Sandbox announces LAND presale from June 4th, 2020. Read more
  • Decentraland launched Genesis Plaza — Museums, Teleports & Robots. View here
  • Decentraland — Enhanced communication features like Chat & Add Friends for players. Read more
  • Somnium Space — Introduced a VR photo camera app that’s inside the metaverse. View here
  • Somnium Space announce VR treasure hunt. View here


  • ENS domains — Earn referral fees by adding ENS renewal reminder widget. Read more
  • Metaboss — Public sale, $Cherry & rewards to exchange NFTs. Read more
  • Unstoppable Domains — 3k+ downloads & 7k+ sites. Know more



  1. Every Javascript Developer can be a Solidity Developer now. Read more
  2. Opportunities to stabilize DAI. Read more


  1. Launched an affiliate program. Know more
  2. $12ml trading volume in a single day after launching BTC perpetual market. Read more

Kyber Network

  1. Kyber partners with Protofire to allow anyone to operate a trustless KyberDAO Pool. Read more
  2. 2Key integrates Kyber’s On-chain Liquidity Protocol for Seamless Token Swaps. Read more


  1. Introduced Lend & Earn. Read more
  2. Frontier claims to be the first Mobile DeFi App to Support MakerDAO Vaults and DSR. Read more


  1. Launched first gas-priced options in DeFi, so users can hedge against high gas fees! Read more
  2. ETH/DAI pair listed after community request. View here


  1. Compound moves toward a governance model — a major step towards complete decentralization. Read more / Read more
  2. First Proposal — Add USDT support. Read more


— Launched a Uniswap V2 Liquidity pool for sXAU/USDC. Read more


— WBTC Approved as Collateral by Maker Governance; Generate Dai Now with Bitcoin. Read more


— Launched Automation V2. Read more


— Launched DirectAuth. Read more


— Added support for Portis. Read more


— Launched on Ethereum mainnet. Know more

Ecosystem Highlights

  • BGA organised it’s monthly meeting featuring May 2020 members. Watch
  • Enjin collaborated with Godot Engine & released the Enjin SDK for Godot. View here

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