The Dapp List raised $1.7M to build Multi-chain Ecosystem for Curating Web3 adoption

In the wild west world of the crypto-verse, it becomes difficult to stop frauds and other malpractices, which keeps the adoption away from web3. In the vision to devise a safe space for novice crypto natives & developers to explore and build decentralized applications, we have captivated unmatched support from strategic investors. We feel proudContinue reading “The Dapp List raised $1.7M to build Multi-chain Ecosystem for Curating Web3 adoption”

Down the Rabbit Hole: Rarible – Enhancing NFT liquidity

When it comes to NFT marketplaces, we have different platforms that cater to various segments of consumers and projects/companies alike. In this edition of Down the Rabbit Hole, we cover a significant NFT marketplace – Rarible, which is heavily focused on individual creators, artists, and NFT enthusiasts.

This week in Dapps Ep. 37

Abracadabra into Zapper, WEF on DeFi, USDC in Optimism, Dharma integrates Polygon, Krystal integrates DMM, NFTs over DeFi, YGG is changing games, & more 👀

This week in Dapps Ep. 36

Gelato, Swisscom & Chainlink, Square, Opyn, PartyDAO, Horizon Blockchain Games $4.5M fundraise, Polygon Studios, Burberry NFTs, EIP1559 goes live, Binance & more.

This week in Dapps Ep. 35

1inch new milestone, Synth Exchanges, Tenderly, Yearn finance, Singularity USA, Yield Guild Games, Tezos & Smartlink, Saber, New York Knicks 1st NFT, and more.

This week in Dapps: Ep.34

KyberDMM & Polygon, Zapper, EPNS, Aavegotchi x Venly NFT, Somnium Space, Steve Jobs’ handwritten job application, OpenSea $100M Funding, Harmony & more DeFi 💸 KyberDMM deployed on Polygon now has $350M+ TVL. Read more Zapper now supports Fuse by Rari Capital. Read more Harvest Ribbon’s Finance latest vault and Kyber’s Rainmaker liquidity mining program on Polygon.Continue reading “This week in Dapps: Ep.34”

Down the Rabbithole: AAVE, Your Friendly Web3 Defi Ghost

👻 The name (AAVE) comes from the fact that ghosts are transparent — because all information and transactions in DeFi is transparent, available 24-7, for anyone to see at any time. Stani Kulechov founder AAVE AAVE is an open-source, community-governed non-custodial liquidity protocol for earning interest on deposits and borrowing assets. Since its Mainnet launchContinue reading “Down the Rabbithole: AAVE, Your Friendly Web3 Defi Ghost”